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Hi, I’m Ariana from Paris To Go. I grew up in Cleveland and studied sustainability at university. In class, I read this article about Bea Johnson’s zero-waste family. As a school project, I decided to try living zero-waste for a semester. After the initial hurdles- most embarrassingly, shopping for fruits and vegetables with what I later learned was a lingerie bag- I was shocked when everything in my life became easier. I connected with the people who made my food and got my neighbors thinking about reducing packaging.

photo 1 (2)I worked in sustainability for several years, shopping secondhand and continuing zero-waste habits. While on vacation in the City of Lights, I met my husband, a native Parisian, and married him a few weeks later. Living zero-waste helped me adjust to my new city and practice the French language. I went to farmer’s markets, explored bulk shops, and got to know Paris and experience the culture in a way I never would have otherwise. My husband and I feel healthier, lighter, and have more time to enjoy this beautiful city and our wonderful friends as a result of this lifestyle. And now, when I visit my hometown, there are so many bulk stores and unpackaged options!

It’s been three years and I don’t think I’ll go back to the way I lived before. I hope you continue discovering the great tips and information the other zero waste bloggers in this network have to offer! The sense of community and freedom you get from living zero waste is priceless.

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