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I recently celebrated two years of being plastic free. It was my journey to buy less plastic that led me to a zero waste lifestyle.

After celebrating my first year of living plastic free I realised that I was throwing next to nothing into our household bin. So I decided to give myself the challenge to trying to add nothing to landfill and adopt a zero waste life. Reducing and reusing is at the core of both plastic free and zero waste lifestyles. Many of the changes I made when giving up plastic were easily carried over into the zero waste mindset.
During this time I have seen many positives from making the change. I can’t buying anything packaged so I now eat healthy fresh vegetables and fruit from local farmers. In turn this supports my community. I also save money by making items like my mascara or lip balm. Shopping at bulk stores and making my own products takes away the time that I used to waste making a decision on what brand I thought I needed. Life is more simple and less about stuff. I feel like I have stepped out of an overcrowded consumer driven bubble.
The negative impact mindless consumerism has on the environment and other living beings are my main motivators. I don’t feel it is neither fair nor kind for my consumer choices to affect others adversely. I now practice mindful consuming. This involves being aware of the impact of the product through its production, packaging (if any!) and life cycle. Asking questions like do I really need something or can I borrow it instead. Zero waste is very much about being a mindful consumer. To make it simpler, I just want to a live a lifestyle that is about kindness and respect, in a way that works for me. And from looking at the growing numbers joining the zero waste bloggers network, I am not the only one.
I write about my journey on my blog – check it out to learn more. I share plastic free alternatives to shopping, cooking, makeup, fashion, cleaning and travel while trying to create no trash. Or you can visit my Instagram ( and Facebook page (


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