FAQ: Zero Waster’s Travel Companion

Where can I get it?

You can choose between the different formats here:

>> Zero Waste Blogger’s Travel Companion <<

Why is city X not in there?

The 1st edition contains 32 cities. Since there are many more cities out there which want to be visited by Zero Wasters, we’re not stopping here. We’re already working on the 2nd edition with many more cities. And after the 2nd edition, there will be a 3rd edition.

Quite exciting, right?

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Why is it an ebook and not an app?

App can mean many things: an iphone app, an android app, a webapp. To create one of these requires a large number of work hours of developers which is expensive. The downside of our constantly evolving tech environment is that apps have to constantly evolve too. New operating systems require updates on those apps and often that means another large pile of work for developers. That’s on the one hand good, since developers need work. But on the other side, it makes it expensive to create and maintain an app.

Since Zero Waste Bloggers Network is a small non-profit organization so far, we don’t have the funds to create an app. Even though we think the world absolutely needs an app with everything a Zero Waster needs to know. Maybe one day in the future we can work together on such a cool project.

What’s happening with the money?

The proceeds out of the ebook sales go to Zero Waste Bloggers Network and are used to cover the costs (hosting the website, tools, isbns, etc.). One day, we might be able to pay a little bit to people investing time in this project. Right now, everyone involved is volunteering. And everyone is doing an amazing job.

Dreaming of a bright future: imagine one day, we would be able to work on the app which we just talked about. Wouldn’t that be neat?

Why should I, Zero Waste Blogger, contribute?

  • Your author information will include your blog’s URL. Visitors of your city will read your city description and find their virtual way to your blog.
  • If you want, you can include contact information so the visitor could reach out to you when visiting (not required though).
  • You’ll get a free copy of the ebook when ever there is a new version.
  • You’re going to be announced on the Zero Waste Bloggers Network website and social media as co-author of this book.
  • You’ll get a badge for you website / blog that shows you as co-author of the ebook.
  • You’ll be a published Author even with ISBN connected to your name.
  • Your contribution to ZWTC is also a great conversation starter with local businesses.

What’s happening next?

The work on the 2nd edition has already started. Currently we have 20 new cities planned and additional chapters about Traveling Zero Waste.

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