Free Online Zero Waste Magazine for you

There are many Zero Waste Blogs out there.

How to not miss all the great posts?

You can and you should sign up individually for your favorite blogs. Usually they offer an email sign up, or there’s a Follow button, or you sign up for the social media accounts of your favorite blogs. That way you get a notification when there’s a new blog post available.

But what if you want to get a bigger overview of the Zero Waste Blogs, if you want to find new Zero Waste Blogs, if you want to scroll through a number of posts from many bloggers to pick the one that sounds very interesting in that moment?

You need a magazine!

We’re happy to present


This is a cooperation of many bloggers, the number of contributors is growing. Since we’re from all around the globe, our magazine is also international. You’ll find English, Spanish, Italian, French articles in there. And there will most likely be more in the future.

You can use any browser to see the magazine and there are apps available too:

Flipboard for iPhone

Flipboard for Android

Make sure you click the Follow button so you can easily return to the magazine.

Another feature that might be of interest for you are the ‘smart magazines’ of Flipboard. You can let Flipboard know which topics are of interest for you and it will make a magazine for you out of the topics that fit into that area.

I’ve got, for example, a smart magazine about composting for me to flip through and read when ever I have time.

Help us with our ZERO WASTE BLOGGERS magazine!

We need you! The more people follow the magazine has, the more bloggers are posting their articles into it. You can easily follow the magazine by clicking the FOLLOW button.

If you’ve got Zero Waste interested friends under your Facebook friends, let them know about our magazine! You can simply post the URL ( to your wall and let them know how to follow. Or you share this article here since it describes how to do it.

You’re a Zero Waste blogger and would like to contribute? Wonderful!

Let us know your details and we’ll be in contact with you:

Any questions? Please use the comment section below.

Happy Zero wasting!

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  • May 6, 2017 at 9:26 am

    Great work Inge! Thumbs up for your engagement with this network!

    Best regards


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