Generation Zero Waste

It’s a rough time for someone who cares about wildlife and nature nowadays. This person can spend sleepless nights brooding over enormous environmental issues. Despite devoting their time and money to environmental projects, they still feel helpless. Cleaning the oceans, fighting forestation, and feeding the hungry—these are all immense problems that can’t be solved overnight or alone.

Imagine our do-gooder taking out the trash to the curbside every other week and wondering, “Why do I have all this trash? Where is it coming from and where is it going to? Is my trash part of the problem? Does some of it end up in the ocean, too?” Our friend decides to embark on a journey to reduce their trash. They choose to document their progress in order to inspire others to participate in the adventure. A Zero Waste Blogger is born.

Easy changes first: Instead of using the plastic bags that are offered by the teller, our friend uses reusable bags; shower gel, shampoo and liquid soap get replaced with soap bars.

But then there are tasks and lifestyle changes that aren’t easy. Sometimes there aren’t any good zero-waste alternatives in the area. Perhaps making a change seems inconvenient in their busy life. Or maybe the zero-waste change is different from what “everybody else is doing” and our friend is afraid of the possible scrutiny from their peers. Not everybody is supportive when it comes to sustainability, and this way of life can be repeatedly put into question. Our zero-waster feels like a weirdo as they bring their reusable container to the butcher or a cotton bag to the baker requesting that the plastic packaging is omitted. Sometimes the zero-waster doubts that this “special treatment” is worth the inconvenience.

Friends and family of our friend wonder about all of these new changes as well: Why can’t she buy yoghurt all of the sudden? Or our favorite cheese? You’re not shampooing your hair anymore?!

Now just imagine our Zero Waste Blogger friend finds out about the Zero Waste Bloggers Network—a group with over 80 Members  from over 15 countries who are all on their way to pursue a Zero Waste lifestyle. Some have just started, while others have been doing this for years. All are willing to lend a helpful hand or some good advice to a fellow zero-waster in need of support.

Zero Waste isn’t a weird idea of a few—it’s a movement still in its children’s shoes. Our friend has unknowingly become an ambassador of the future Generation ‘ Zero Waste’.

One thought on “Generation Zero Waste

  • September 8, 2015 at 8:12 am

    By the way, when I see the reaction of my young children, I know that the next generation will be ready for the zero waste lifestyle
    I hope so …


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