How does #zwtot work?

#zwtot stands for Zero Waste Talk on Twitter.

The Topic

After each #zwtot twitter users can propose a topic for the next talk. Use #zwtot and @ZeroWasteBN to propose a topic.
The chosen topic is announced ahead of the talk. Follow hashtag #zwtot to find out what the topic for the next talk is, or check On the upper right side the topic is announced as well. If your proposed topic gets chosen, you’ll be mentioned.

zwtot on the website


The Questions

Once the topic is announced twitter users can propose questions that are circling around this topic. Use #zwtot and @ZeroWasteBN to propose a topic.
The five best questions will be discussed during the talk. If your question makes it into the talk, you’ll be mentioned with the question.

Join the conversation

Simply follow @zerowastebn and hashtag #zwtot, read questions marked with Q1 – Q5, retweet the question you want to answer and tweet your answer with A1, A2…. or A5.


See what other Zero Wasters have to say. Retweet their answers and comment on them, ask questions.

Simple as that 🙂

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