‘Only the impossible is worth the effort’.


Hello, hi.

My name is Natasha. I’m 38 and a single mom but that is the least of my problems.

I became a vegetarian after reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals, a Vegan after watching Cowspiracy and I dived into zero waste living after coming across Lauren Singer’s blog Trash is for Tossers. (You’d be forgiven for thinking that I’m easily influenced.)

My best friend is a butcher. People continue to eat meat even though they’ve watched Cowspiracy and just about everyone I know will still ask for a plastic bag at the check out counter.

I started writing about all this because I’m scared. I feel that there is a sense of urgency to all these environmental matters that our consumer-driven society simply refuses to address because, well – it’s inconvenient. I started writing about all this because I have an 8 year old son and it matters to me what gets left behind for him. I started writing about all this because I love this old beauty we call home.

I started writing about all this because I care.

It’s good to be here. In company that cares:)


Find me:

On the world wide web: natashamarais.co.za

Facebook: Must be something in the water

Twitter: @tash_marais

Instagram: @tashmarais

Come say hi.


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