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Hi Y’all,

I’m Kathryn from Going Zero Waste.

My favorite color is orange. I love pizza, red wine, and chocolate chip cookies. My ideal day is waking up with loads of sunlight streaming through the windows, a delicious brunch, coffee to go in my mason jar, and walking to the farmers market.

I’m from the hills of Arkansas, where my granny taught me everything she new about simple living. I’m a professional actor and I work at a green print shop. I traveled all over the world singing and dancing, but I’ve nested in to the foggy San Francisco bay.



I started my zero waste journey January of this year. I became incredibly overwhelmed and saddened by the amount of plastic in the ocean. And, the more research I did the more I became concerned with how it’s influencing our health.

I want to get back to that simple living my granny used to talk about. A time where you knew your farmer, you reused what you had, where lazy Saturday afternoons were spent removing sheets from the line or baking bread. I long for a time when things were simple.

Zero waste has brought that simplicity into my life. I know my butcher, my baker, my candlestick – I mean, I know who’s in my life and how they contribute, and it’s really magical. We’ve become very detached from who makes our food, clothes, and almost every aspect of our life has been replaced with screens rather than human interaction.

going zero waste's trash

I’m eating better, sleeping better, I’m saving money, I feel good about what is happening and the purpose in my life. We cannot wait for government to make the change. We are the voters; we are the consumers. If we vote for sustainable practices, we will see the shift. Companies will have no choice, be green or be left behind.

We have to be the change we want to see in the world.

Join me, and this group of awesome people with the Zero Waste Bloggers Network, as we fight for change.

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  • November 4, 2015 at 10:45 am

    Couldn’t agree more: We cannot wait for government to make the change. !

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