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I’m Lauren, and I blog (using a lot of parentheses) at Green With It. My zero waste journey started almost a year ago after I read Bea Johnson’s book. I realized that my lifestyle of convenience was contributing to a throw-away culture that I don’t agree with, and I decided at that point to make some changes (which have happened at a pretty slow pace).

Since the decision point, my life has improved in so many big and small ways. I feel healthier and have more energy. I save money by not purchasing things I don’t need. Most importantly, I love the feeling that every day I’m making a impact on others and on the environment with the choices I make. I try to make those choices positive ones and to be forgiving of myself when they’re not.

After a particularly comical experience trying to buy bulk at a chain grocery store, I sent a blog-post-esque e-mail to my family and close friends. I pridefully sent another one after I made my first batch of homemade granola bars. I decided to start blogging as an easier way to communicate my zero waste adventures to my family and friends. Not long after, I joined the Zero Waste Bloggers Network as a way to connect with like-minded individuals; the support and knowledge I’ve gained has been invaluable. Admittedly, it has also been cool to correspond with the people whose blogs I obsessively read for months prior (fine, I still obsessively read their blogs now).

The zero waste movement excites me, and I love seeing it continue to grow and reach more people around the world. I hope that everyone will feel empowered enough to make changes, however small they might seem, because they do matter.

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