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Hi, my name is Mimik, real name Mylène, from Tahiti, currently living in Montréal, previously studied in Paris and Tokyo.

My first “real” job, in fact my second, was about travelling all over Quebec state. You may say “Best job ever!” That’s right. I had so much fun, discovered so many outstanding places, met incredible people and capture the true feeling of the wild. Back then, I spent 3 years living in hotels, camps, farms, BnB, buses … In fact, except for all my working equipment, which was almost double my size and weigh, I only had one 10 pounds bag for my personal’s belonging.

There began my zero waste journey, not only because I need to live with less. Most of all, being all day in wild magnificent nature, zero waste was just unavoidable. At this time, I didn’t know I was doing “zero waste”.

Back in real life, it was a really hard step … I had too much time to  catch news on media and the real world completely distressed me. Realizing that all the great nature and resources are wasted due to our way of life. I had to do something. I read a lot, joined congresses, lectures on climate change… Composting, few meat, more organic food, recycling, buying less and local when possible (and not too expensive), those things has to become habits and it feels like it was going on the right way.

While I was looking how to design and organize my future apartment (such a big self-construction project), I read Bea Johnson’s book. And then, all became clear, I was a zero waste person to become.

I did not choose to measure my wastes in a Masson jar (volume) I went with weigh scales. With great motivation, it took me 6 months to down my trashes to less than a kilo. A year later,  I had 130 to 200 grams per week. Today, I’m not perfect but I go one step at the time. I also help others to become greener with training lessons, craft projects and presentations. Some choose zero waste, buy local, handmade, others DIY, organic,  vegan… Whatever, we just need to do something, something good for us, for other and for our planet.

My zero waste blog (small one, in French) and formations (also in French) are my new 2016 projects. My main goal is to help beginners on their own journey to a better green life, one step at the  time.



Mi au Carré

I'm MiK, zero waster in Montréal one step at the time.

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Mi au Carré

I'm MiK, zero waster in Montréal one step at the time.

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