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Moin moin! I’m Nadine and my zero-waste journey started two years ago with the Clean-Bin Project and a big ol’ compost bin. Working for a non-profit environmental organization I was introduced to the term zero-waste, along with all the realizations that come along with it: society’s obsession with plastics, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, toxins leeching into our food, and on and on. There was no way I could accept doing nothing about this, so I started the “change one small thing” habit and have kept that going since.

Though I was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, I have lived in Canada long enough to now call this my home (except at Weihnachten); it was my father’s dream to one day move to the big, green, open wilderness that is Canada, and that dream came true about twenty years ago when we moved to British Columbia. His tree-hugging, water-saving, energy-sparing habits were ingrained in me long ago.

The term “environmentalist” has gotten a bad rep somehow, but I am just someone who cares a lot about the Earth, its organisms, living and non-living, and our future generations. I’m also a teacher, a compost educator, an outdoors enthusiast, a friend, a sister, a wife, and someone who loves to laugh and make others laugh.

I like taking a lighthearted approach to zero-waste and spreading a little bit of inspiration through my blog, The Zero Journey, while connecting with zero-wasters all over the world through our growing community.

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