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Hi, I’m Pip and I blog over at A Refuge for Daffodils. For years I’ve been interested in environmental and green issues, and felt that I was ‘doing my bit’ by recycling, shopping second hand and so on. Then, a few years back I saw the Story of Stuff film and realised that it was more than just about consuming the right things and disposing of them responsibly. This was my lightbulb moment!

Bit by bit, I learned more about how plastics were filling up and polluting the ocean, the effects of mass consumption and what our throw-away society was doing to the environment, and I knew that I wanted to do more. I learned about zero waste living, living with less, making, mending, and I joined a team of sustainability volunteers at work. The biggest victory so far has been to get our office to switch from disposable cups to proper mugs, saving almost 50,000 cups from the bin each year!

I started blogging because I was inspired by so many of the awesome blogs that were helping me on my journey, and I love being part of this resourceful, enthusiastic and amazingly supportive community. I write about sustainability issues and also about open water swimming, which is my other passion. I swim outdoors come rain or shine, when it’s hot or when we have to break the ice!

You can find me over on Twitter and also on Pinterest.

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