Supporting the #MyBag Campaign

13 billion single-use plastic bags littered each year harm its landmark oceans, lakes and rivers. California wants to outlaw single-use plastic bags but plastic bag companies threw their financial weight behind a signature-gathering campaign that is forcing California’s law onto the November 2016 ballot, delaying the ban until voters cast their votes on a referendum.

Zero Waste Bloggers Network is supporting the #MyBag campaign to show that reusable bags are great. Read more about the campaign on The Story of Stuff’s Website and post your own image of yourself with your favorite reusable shopping bag using #MyBag.
Inge's #MyBag

Kathryn's #MyBag

Danielle's #MyBag

Jessie's #MyBag

Julien's Bag 

Eduarda's #myBag

Cheryl's #MyBag

Erin's #MyBag

MaLu's #MyBag

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