Work with Zero Waste Bloggers Network

There are multiple ways ZWBN can help promote your business. Our well visited website is a great place for Zero Waste  related ads and we can work out social media campaigns for your product or business involving our website, facebook page and twitter.

Another option is to:

Work with the bloggers

Looking for Zero Waste Bloggers in your country that can help promote your business or product?

You’ve come to the right spot!

Zero Waste Bloggers Network has over 300 active members from all over the world.

From the beginning blogger to the internationally recognized and awarded Zero Waste Blogger we’ve got all kinds of levels in our group. Some write exclusively about Zero Waste Topics, others about specific niches, for example food waste, zero waste for families, zero waste in a specific area, zero waste traveling, just to name a few.

Zero Waste Bloggers are passionate! They love:

  • eco friendly products without packaging
  • products that reduce waste
  • shops that offer packaging free products
  • zero waste shops and bulk shops
  • farmers markets
  • gear rental and repair places
  • cafes and restaurants that are working towards Zero Waste

Through our Network you can find bloggers that sign up for you Affiliate program in order to promote your products.

Get your products in front of your Zero Waste related target audience with product reviews.

Make your cafe or restaurant known for it’s efforts towards Zero Waste with a company review on a local Zero Waste Blog.

Find blogging partners for Advertising for your products or business.

Even Workshops and Lectures related to Zero Waste are an option.


Find out more about all the opportunities, sign up for a free business account!



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