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My name is Lisa, and I hail from Adelaide, South Australia (which no-one has ever heard of, I’m sure, but has been ranked as the world’s 5th most liveable city for the second year running!). I have been documenting my zero waste adventures, successes and inevitable fails via Instagram ( and my blog (

I have not always lived this way, in fact- 12 months ago I was living a hideously wasteful life without knowing any better. I didn’t compost, I recycled only when I remembered, I bought takeout lunches in styrofoam and plastic bags, I drank numerous take out coffees and sachet coffees in the course of one day. I “stress-shopped”, meaning I would come home after a long day at work and start online shopping- which would mean plastic packages wrapped in more plastic would arrive a week later. Upon moving back to Adelaide (the third inter-state move in three years), I was confronted by the sheer and utter waste that a house move entails. I was surrounded by trash and things, symptoms of living a wasteful life and not realising it. It was depressing and stressful, but served as a catalyst for me to change the way we lived our life.

My blog documents snippets of the daily trials of going zero-waste in Adelaide (specific locations/ vendors are mentioned), but the same principles apply everywhere. I mainly started the blog to show that you did not need to fit the stereotype of dirty hippy/ home-steading family/ free-lance eco-journalist to live waste-free. I feel that so many people are put off by the thought of going zero-waste, and ever since I started I wanted to spread the word that it is attainable for the average person too. If you passed me on the street you wouldn’t pick that I make my own bread and yoghurt, haven’t taken out a landfill bin in months, and that one of my main hobbies was finding plastic-free cheese 🙂 Zero-waste living can be attempted by everyone, and the more people join the movement, the easier it becomes to live waste-free.

Happy zero-wasting!

Lisa xx

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